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After searching for and puchasing a pair of tickets to the Aerosmith show, I am now blocked from I did look about 50 times or so for the best tickets. One web site said I would have access again in 12-48 hours. The other said NEVER. Anyone here on yahoo have a similar experience and how did it get resolved???


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  • Ticketmaster and other major outlets have built-in security to prevent people (and computers) from attempting to snarf up huge lots of tickets. It helps prevent scalpers and re-sellers from doing what they do. Their computers log every IP that hits their site, and when it sees too many for the same show.. BAM! You’re locked out Automatically. Depending on the show and the particular site, it could be temporary or permanent. Hitting the site 50 times is A LOT. Their systems do a pretty good job at giving up the best available seats. You may have put yoursel back a few rows because of the time you took to keep hitting.

    Solution: Use a different computer, or call the permanent blocker and explain you weren’t trying to snarf, just trying for primo seats. If you get a real (sympathetic) person, they may unblock you, but there’s no guarantee.

    Super solution: 3 tries, buy your seats!

  • If the IP address itself is blocked and you are using DHCP through a cable modem, you can unplug the power to the modem for 24 hours and your NIC should pull a new dynamic IP address since the DHCP lease will run out typically (although, this probably is not a viable option if the problem is time sensitive, like buying tickets).

    If you’re using dialup, disconnect and you probably will pull a new IP address when you reconnect.

    If you’re using a static IP address, you could try using a proxy to connect, or you might want to call ticketmaster and see if you can get it unblocked.

  • They probably thought you were a scalper trying to bombard the web site, call their customer service department with your order details. They will probably need to pass the info onto the fraud department in order to get your IP address unlocked. The best tickets are the best tickets, there is no need to try 50 times! If you don’t like the web service try their call centre.

  • Aerosmith Ticketmaster

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