Bottled Ranch Dressing was left on the counter this morning. How long can it sit out before going bad?

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I meant to throw it in my lunch bag, but realized I left it out on the counter. It has been oƿє-ṅєd and refrigerated. In room temperature between 70-75 f, how long before it goes bad?

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  • This happened to me before.. and I think I ended up saving it. But only if it was overnight. Not been sitting there for days or anything. If its bottled it should have enough preservatives in it to keep it safe for a couple hours. Smell it, if it smells really bad, dont eat it.

  • I used to work for a salad dressing company, and I would recommend throwing it out. You do have to refrigerate anything with dairy in it but if it does not have any dairy you do not. The refrigerate after opening is to cover the Manufacturer’s butt!!

  • If it was out more than a couple of hours, I wouldn’t chance it. Dressing is cheap, health care, not so much.

  • I think it’s okay if it’s been out for like a day.

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