Breonna Taylor’s Mom is calling out BLM as a fraud for using her daughter’s name to raise cash without her permission. Anyone surprised?

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  • black lives is a criminal organization exploiting people for their own personal gain…just like the democrat party!

  • I’m not surprised at all, but it must be a mind-blowing moment for the far leftists and BLM protesters lol. 

  • no, nothing surprises me

  • They are not applying that money to buying Congresspeople like other Lobby groups?


  • As is usual, if you read something written by a TrumpTard, you know it’s a stupid lie. 

    Breonna Taylor’s mom slammed a SINGLE BLM chapter in Louisville.

    Not BLM. 

    That’s like saying “United Way in Kansas stole money, therefore, all of United way are thieves”. 

  • Not surprised that she wants a piece of that action collecting that cash?


    BTW Glenda, I will miss seeing a great woman like you.

    I have always admired you.

    I know that isn’t you, but you do look similar.

  • Money corrupts all races, religions and political parties 

  • The BLM cofounder owns 4 houses. BLM is heavily promoted by corporate America and mainstream media, it’s not the grassroots movement it claims to be. The whole thing is a fraud pushed by the rich and powerful to achieve their goals. I’m not the least bit surprised that Breonna Taylor’s mom sees through the fraud of using her daughter’s death to push Marxism.

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