Brotegeris parrot vs. Goffins cockatoo vs. Hahns macaw?

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I am looking forward to getting a parrot. Can anyone tell me how much attention

(1) Hahn’s macaw

(2) Goffin’s cockatoo

(3) Brotogeris parrot (Gray cheeked parakeet)

needs? Also, pros and cons please. (Anyone who owns atleast one of the species.)

3 Answers

  • I’ve no experience with Brotogeris, but they’re much smaller and quieter than a macaw or cockatoo. They may need less attention than the Hahn’s, and almost certainly less than the Goffin’s. The Goffin’s will probably be more cuddly and demanding than the Hahn’s, and even more active.


  • I am assuming all 3 are hand-tame or hand-fed

    I had an experience with a Goffin cockatoo (and currently own a Lesser Sulphur Crested), and all I can say is that cockatoos are ‘velcro birds’, they want to be with you ALL the time. Depending on how your schedule fits into this behavior will determine the cockatoo’s happiness, that is you cannot spend the whole day with the goffin then leave the home for the whole day the next day. Birds are creatures of habit and some are more ‘needy’ than another. I also have lovebirds, cockatiels, budgies and an electus.

    Dont forget to factor in their ‘flock call’ during dawn and dusk. A goffin can be quite loud, try standing in front of a car and ask someone to honk the horn, then do it again, and again, and again! I imagine a macaw will be even louder with the brotogeris being the most quiet of the 3.

    I have no experience with the other two although I imagine the macaw will be on par with the goffin on the attention getting scale.

  • They all will need attention

    Cockatoos need alot of things to do always

    I think the Goffin are the clowns and are the quite one of the cockatoo family

    They can be taught tricks and talking ..

    Hahn’s easier to train for tricks ..They can be content for longer periods of time with out you around if taught that. Can be very loud if something is wrong

    I have a Goffin and she is a hand full at times

    Do not know much about Gray cheek parakeet

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