Buying a 1985 Honda Rebel 250.?

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I am just looking for a small and simple cruiser. I don’t need lots of power. I want to feel like I’m in complete control. It will be my first bike. I am somewhat familiar with riding though. I am just wondering if I will fit well. All Rebel comments welcome. Thanks in advance 🙂

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  • Younger brother had one about that age- I bought it at estate sale. Very good for smaller riders, a pain in the knees for larger, long legged riders like me. Brother used it as utility get to town cycle, currently being used as a basic trainer for a short lady. Old cycle will be reasonable priced and Rebel parts common, basic maintenance can be done by new rider. I ride old Goldwing earlier than that and main concern is finding non ethanol fuels. Brings up my main concern is 1985 is still couple years earlier than the ethanol capable federal requirements so that might be a problem in a state like Minnesota where the Ethanol spiked fuels are about only fuel available on main roads. ‘Fit well’ is a personel variable – if you’re over 5’8″ (and over 225 pounds) you may have some shifting, knee slap tank problems, bend at elbows to get handlebars interference. Otherwise it will be a decent utility, get to work, short road trip cycle like many other 250s..

  • 1985 Honda Rebel

  • The 85 REBEL, possibly the 84, was the Bike of the Year, thrashing a series of Suzuki 1100s, Honda magna V 65’s and every young boys dream, it sold new for about $1500. It is virtually unchanged from today’s model. Simple and reliable, it has a 27 “seat height, before Lowering, you will PROBABLY fit, they are almost minibike small but can get you a very expensive ticket.

    Check it carefully and have fun.

  • Depends on your height weight. This is a good small bike to start with. I took my rider safety course on one of these and they did what needed to be done. Not anymore extra power but, does the speed limit. Be VERY careful about buying such an old bike. If it has been maintained very well even, more problems are going to pop up just due to the age of the machine.

    Not saying you can’t get a great deal but, not real likely at that age. As has been already said, their design has not changed a whole lot over the years and unless someone is virtually giving it to you be careful about paying over $800 for this bike. And then, only if in great shape.

    Oh, go sit on one at a dealership…size about the same as well.

    Good luck

  • Nobody should have a 30 year old 250 as their first bike, unless it came from some storage container in the desert. Old bikes rust in places you’ve never heard of. There’s not too many things more scary than riding a bike on the street, when it suddenly stops running.

    Old gaskets, corroded connections, corroded carbs, leaking forks, etc.

    Be prepared to spend money if you don’t like dying.

  • It’s a good bike, should be quite inexpensive, easy on fuel, not much power (maintaining 65mph all day would be like work – but not impossible unless you are a bigoleboy). Easy to maintain, style hasn’t changed much in many years.

    Wife bought one to learn on and sold it 4 month later to move up for what she paid — rode the bike quite a few miles too – very good first purchase.


    very good starter bike. despite being a cruiser, its a light and very nimble bike. It doesn’t have as much torque in the low end, but it does well on the freeway. dont let naysayers say otherwise. and its very cheap insurance. You didn’t state for how much, so Im suggesting dont pay more than $1500 for it. even with the low mileage, you may have to replace other parts eventually.

  • I have someone trying to sell me a 85 Honda Rebel good condition, he wants $1,500. for it. I am not sure if I want to spend that much on it. What do you think?

  • Guy I work with has been driving one for years, even in the middle of the winter (in Wisconsin) he would ride it to work and he really enjoys it. Not a thrill seeking bike but reliable, conservative, and doesn’t seem to have a problem on freeways even for the small size engine.

  • They are a good bike to learn on, but after a couple of months you might think it’s too small.

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