By offering environmentally responsible products. green marketers

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111 Question 5 By offering environmentally responsible products, green marketers: gain access to government supply contracts
ck!!! Question 6 After developing a mission statement, a firm or organization next must perform: cost-cutting surgery, e a ma
is the part of the marketing mix that focuses on supply chain management Promotion Price Place Product Production Previous
Question 8 Unlike an intangible service, a good is easily forgotten by consumers. provides intangible benefits. creates more

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5. Add value that other products don’t

Green products are distinct in the manner that they are more
valuable than their non-eco friendly competitors.

6. A situational analysis.

A situational analysis is done to understand the current market
circumstances and it’s development.

7. Place.

Supply chain partners help companies in getting the product to
the right place at the right time.

8. Can be physically touched ,viewed or

Services are felt and intangible while products are

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