Calculate the amounts of p-acetamidophenol

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Chapter 4 Synthesis of Acetophenetidin 4. Calculate the amounts of p-acetamidophenol (in grams) and bromoethane (in milli- li

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Synthesis of Acetophenetidin

Required reagents for this synthesis are

1) P-Acetamido phenol

2) Bromoethane


P-Acetamido phenol + Bromoethane  rightarrow

Data for the quantity calculation:

Mol wt of P-Acetamido phenol = 151.16

Mol wt of Bromoethane = 108.97

Mol wt of  Acetophenetidin (product) = 179.22

Paraacetamido phenol, mol wt=151.16

Bromoethane= 108.97

By the law of mass action, 151.16 g P-Acetamido phenol will
react 108.97g Bromoethane to get 179.22 g Acetophenetidin (product)
and 80.91 g Hydrobromic acid as a bye product.

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Since the density of Bromoethane = 1.47g/cc, the
quantity of Bromoethane in milliliters = 108.97/1.47 = 74.13

Question: 5

Activated carbon.

Activated carbon is a form of carbon, a lightweight black carbon
residue produced by removing water and other volatile constituents
from animal and plant materials. Activated carbon is usually
derived from charcoal. It is a fine carbon with a very large
surface area. Due to this property of having a huge surface area,
it is used as an adsorbent in various chemical industries for
decolorizing agents.

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It has got various applications in the field of medicine,
analytical applications, gas purification, etc.

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