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Calculate the molality of 6.0 M H2SO4 solution. The density of

the solution is 1.34 g/mL.

1. 4.48 m

2. 7.98 m

3. 8.10 m

4. 8.43 m

5. 10.2 m

Do i use moles/ Volume….. ?

2 Answers

  • the mass of 6.0 moles of H2SO4 is 6*(2*1+32+4*16) =6*98=588g

    if the solution as a density of 1.35g/mL , then a litter weighs 1.34*1000=1340g

    in this litter you have H2SO4 and water. The mass of water is 1340-588=752g =0.752kg

    molality is nummber of moles of solute by kg solvent

    so molality is 6/.752=7.98 moles of H2SO4 by kg water

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