Can ᑕнιcκens eat peanut shells?

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I eat in-shelled peanuts like crazy, favorite snack. I’m sitting here eating them now, and the question just popped up “can ᑕнιcκens eat the peanut shells”? I figure cнιcκens can eat almost everything else and if they can safely eat peanut shells then there is nothing from the peanuts going to waste. So I guess my question is; Can cнιcκens eat the peanut shells, and if so, is there a certain amount they can eat before becoming unsafe? I know with egg shells, they are safe for them to eat and it helps produce harder shells on the eggs they lay, but it’s not something you want to give too much to.

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  • Definitely not as a mainstay. ᑕнιcκens may eat some peanut hulls and get some nutritional benefit but you would be better off using it as bedding in coops/nests. I compost them but since they take a while to break down I grind them in a kitchen counter mini-chopper first.

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  • My cнιcκens won’t eat the shells. They like the nuts but not the shells. I know, I’ve tried.

    You could always throw them in the treeline & let them decompose, or you could start composting them. I’m sure there is a lot of nutrients in the shells that the garden dirt would just LOVE.

    My cнιcκens don’t like citric fruits either, or cocoanut.

    Source(s): I raise cнιcκens.
  • In case your dog begins choking on the shells or throwing up so much, take it to the vet instantly. If no longer, i might no longer worry. Puppies devour all different types of crap (literally). Between ashtrays, rubbish, can lids, and chunks of tire, i’ve seen all of it. The dog will have to be pleasant, but preserve a watch on it for a few hours.

  • It is unhealthy for cнιcκens to eat peanuts or their shells. a mold called aspergillous can infect the birds quickly and kill them.

  • cнιcκens arn’t on the smart side but they know wheither to eat something or not. So you may try and if it eats it then most likely cнιcκens can eat it.

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