can a men get pregnant?

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the period has stopped and i have never had the wizz bang before, i am a vergen. i have a feeling i am pregenent? i didn’t think mans could get pregenent but my period is very late.

5 Answers

  • oh no! u must go to doctor imdeityly! nut good not good at all. 

  • How about you try to troll smarter instead of harder?? 

  • The period has stopped?  Men don’t get periods.  Men can not get pregnant.  Honey, are you sure you’re a boy?  Also you can’t spell

  • no troll??????? you are maknig me unhappy???

  • You are doing it wrong. When you troll its important to make your post seems atleast a little bit plausible.

    0/10 on the Troll O Meter

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