can a younger brother beat up his big brother?

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Well i have two younger brothers and I don’t think they can beat me up. Even the middle one that is 6’3 and 230 pounds of muscle, he is big from working out a lot and playing a lot of football when he is was in high school, and a lot of people thinks he can beat me up but I don’t think so. My youngest brother is 20 and he is shorter than me and pretty skinny and he doesn’t work out. I’m about 6’1 and I don’t work out or anything and I’m pretty skinny but I’m the older brother and I just can’t see any of my younger brothers beating me, even though they will would never fight me but I still feel that way. Does anyone else feel like no matter how old you get that your younger brothers will never beat you? Btw we’re adults now I’m 27 and they’re 25 and 21 and I still can’t see them beating me, even the one that is taller and a lot bigger than me. I think it’s a mind thing.

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Yes I don’t think size matter too much, but a lot of people does. I think it’s all about who can fight the best. I think I’m the best fighter out of all of them.

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  • …..Yes, it is very possible for a younger brother to beat up a younger brother, quite possible, but I don’t see why you would even be concerned about such a thing. At your age, why would you be concerned about being beaten up by a younger sibling? Sounds kind of silly to me. 🙂

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  • I guess if you know they would never beat you up because they respect you, that’s a good thing. Your larger body builder brother could likely beat you up but might not be able to if you’re able to fight smart by reading his body language, moves and being able to move just out of range in time. Not always about muscle and size.

  • Well you might be older but if he is 230 pounds of muscle and taller than you and you don’t even work out then of course he should be able to beat you, unless your a super beast like me, other than that he will kick ur ***. you better fight that other brother he seems more like a fair fight for u.

  • It is a mind thing. You think you’re superior because you’re older. But in an case it’s whoever has the most hand to hand combat experience that matters in a real fight, not size or age.

  • its only ur fear….no matters how big fight u have in future but i dnt think they can beat u …SANSKAR type of things are also there… they will shout say bad words but i dnt think beating happens….

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