Can anyone tell me what the old English word ‘pastance’ means?

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It’s from around the time of Henry VIII.

I think it means something like ‘experience’ but I can’t find it in any dictionary. Thanks very much.

3 Answers

  • Pastance is another word for “pastime”

    source: The Phonistery, a dictionary of obsure words

    you may have seen this word used in “Pastime with Good Company”, also known as “The King’s Ballad” (The Kinges Balade), which is an English folk song written by King Henry VIII

  • I think you mean happenstance, which does mean a random happening or experience.From happening and circumstance.

    Pastance was used in the 16th century in a few poems to mean an enjoyable happening or leisure activity. It seems that happenstance and pastance have evolved into pastime.

  • i think it means :

    pastime (n)

    Synonyms: activity, pursuit, interest, amusᴇмᴇɴt, hobby, distraction, diversion, entertainment

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