Can Cancer Patients wear Nail Polish?

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I enjoy doing nail art and I would like to go to the Children’s hospital to do some cute nail art on the kids in the cancer wing, I just wanted to make sure it wouldn’t hurt them in any way and it would be all right.

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  • It has to be a new nail polish bottle that hasn’t been used. And they can only use it once. So get the ones from Claires that come in that pack of like 5 or something and are small. And you have to make sure everything you use is sanitized and that you don’t cut them because their counts might be low and a cut would be bad!

    My Aunt did that for me this past year because I couldn’t get them done at a nail place. How nice of you to do that for them!

  • I think that’s such a great idea!! They ar always looking for volunteers and fun activivites for the kids. I never used to wear nail polish, but since getting cancer I started painting my nails all different bright colors…it’s like a little burst of happy energy through out the day….I bet the girls would love it, but what about your boys? You might want to find something fun for them too (fake tats maybe…face painting….you could even do some type of hat drive if you just wanted to donate time/energy. I think it’s an excellent idea though!

  • Definitely call the hospital and clear volunteering anything with them. That would be cute, but you need to find something to do for the boys also!! I was on chemo and wore bright blue polish, so I don’t know why the other poster said that??

  • I don’t see why it would hurt them in any way and I think it’s a wonderful idea. I honestly commend you for taking time to do such a thoughtful act of kindness. What I suggest you do is simply asking a nurse when you get there…but I think it would be fine! Good luck and hope this helps! 🙂

  • That’s really nice of you. Call the hospital you wanna do it at. All i know is people who go through cemo threapy can not wear nail polish.

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  • i would call the hospital and ask and give them a heads up. That’s really nice of you! 🙂

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