Can dieticians/nutritionist prescribe medications?

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  • No. Doctor’s can prescribe medications, and in some states Nurse Practitioner’s and/or Physician assistants may have limited prescribing ability. Dietitians/nutritionist can recommend over the counter products only.

  • I am sure your doctor will understand your hesitancy to use an animal product. However, there is a caveat you’ll have to accept: patients who have tried taking synthetic T4/T3 (non-animal/pig thyroid meds) report they simply didn’t get the excellent results they got when they tried desiccated natural thyroid, which contains exactly what your own thyroid would be producing: T4, T3, T2, T1 and calcitonin. Many orthodox and conservative Jews obviously would have the same problem with anything that is derived from a pig. Perhaps the words of an orthodox rabbi (Silverman) will help you. He stated that if indeed Armour is unique and required to save a life or mind (and it is definitely a unique medication that works!), he could see two ways that it would be fine to take Armour. First, it must be swallowed and not taken sublingually. This way it doesn’t violate the Dietary Laws. Second, if it is necessary for saving a life/mind, this always takes precedence. He suggested to talk this over with your own rabbinical authorities, but he said he’d be happy to talk with any Jewish people who are concerned about this. I know that unlike you, Orthodox and Conservative Jews eat kosher meat, but the idea of eating anything derived from a pig is as vile to them as eating meat products is to you.

  • Can Dieticians Prescribe

  • Nope. They can recommend something to you/your doctor, but they can’t prescribe anything.

  • It wud be dangerous to give them the authority to do so.

  • nope.. they can recommend something but you should for sure ask a doctor first

  • Nope. MD’s only.

  • No they cannot

  • No they can not

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