Can Having A Lot Of magazines Break A World Record?

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See I have a lot of magezens and i was worndering If haveing a lot of magezens can break a Record? I have like 100 and i have never thoght of it before so plz tell me if i can! thank u =)

3 Answers

  • you would have to contact the guinness world record people to find out. currently there is no record. However, i don’t think 100 would do it. my dad used to keep all his old music magazines from his youth and he had 200+ and some of his friends had even more than that i’m afraid.

  • If there is in fact a record of amount of magazines a person owns, I’m sure I would be a big contender. 100 magazines? That’s nothing compared to what I have.

  • Probably. There are some really strange records.

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