Can I become a cop with a GED?

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So I’m getting My GED and I really want to be a cop but I’m not sure if I can because of it. I’m going to go to college so answers please?

What about if I joined the military first to try and become an MP would that be a good idea too

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  • It’s what you accomplish after you get a ged or high school diploma that matters. Do good in college and be the best person you can be. Yet regardless if you have a ged or high school diploma having military experience is a huge pluss over most people.

  • Every department has different hiring standards. You should call the recruiter for the department you are interested in and ask them what the minimum education requirements are. Usually the minimum is a GED or high school diploma, but don’t forget there are a lot of people out there with a college degree who are also looking for a career in law enforcement.

    Source(s): 20 yrs law enforcement exp.
  • Well, I think it would be better of you joined the military-at least you would have that experience. Generally, police departments prefer HS diploma AND a college degree.

  • Employers are supposed to consider a ged to be the same as a diploma. and they are SUPPOSED to consider all sorts of other stuff equal too. Get my drift? If you get the right stuff in college, they will disregard the GED.

  • Yes

    Source(s): Barney Fife

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