Can i delete .swt folder for windows?

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2 Answers

  • if you want to clean you windows stuff, i think is better to use a program like a ccleaner .. swt folder have video clips and is not necessary for your system ..

  • Windows 7. I have an .swt folder. It’s C:usersmyself.swt

    The folder contains 3 dll’s. After a little googling, I’m starting to think the folder was created a few months ago when my grandchildren installed an on-line game.

    The dll’s add up to less-than 1 MB. There’s nothing else in the folder; no video clips.

    The .dll’s were scanned and OK’ed by a few different security programs, so I think I’ll leave them alone instead of ruining the kids’ game. Better they play Pokeymon than something worse.


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