Can I dye my hair with leave in conditioner in it?

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I really need to dye my hair tonight, but I have leave in conditioner and shine serum in my hair from yesterday. If I need to wash my hair I really can’t wait a whole day so I would be dying it right afterwards. Should I not put in conditioner if I have to wash it?

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  • I recommend that you wash your hair, dry it ,and leave it natural. in other words don’t put any products and it before you dye your hair

  • Generally, yes. It helps to keep your hair healthy and keep it from drying out, especially if you are dying it lighter. If you need more information, I would suggest asking your hair stylist. But it would probably be better for your hair then not doing it. i also have tips for you.

    Make sure that you leave the dye in for exactly the time it says in the box, no longer or less- or else the color won’t turn out properly.

    Use revlon! They have the best hair dyes. And don’t use nice and easy- it doesn’t work well, and it doesn’t turn your hair the color you want it.

    1. wear plastic gloves

    2. put Chapstick or vaseline on your forehead and ears so you don’t dye them

    3. put an old towel around your shoulders

    4. put a shower cap or plastic bag over your hair while waiting after you put the color in

    5. make sure you wash your hair out really well when you’re washing the dye out

  • No, your hair should be product free before dying it, and more than likely dry, too. 🙂

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