Can i get my dogs ears pierced? *pic included*?

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I want my dog to have one of his ears pierced. Would this be a bad idea and is there anywhere i can go to get this done? Also, what are some risks associated with getting my dogs ears pierced? I want to make sure everything goes right and it’s as painless as possible for him.

Here’s a picture of what his ears look like.…

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  • I highly recommend not to…. Dogs don’t really need their ears pierced..honestly, no one does. You see, dogs are animals. They play, run around, crawl under and through things. all kinds of crazy things. Your dog’s ears stick up, which is an even more reason not to pierce the ears. The earrings could get caught in anything your dog goes under, that could include blankets, sheets, etc. This will cause pain as your dog tries to get loose, he could snag his ear and make it bleed. Also, piercing could cause infection and other negative things. Human children can get away with it, but dogs’ ears are more out and accessible, which increases the risk of an ear injury. Also, some people count it as animal abuse, even though I’m sure that’s not what your intentions are. Really good question, but definitely not a good idea.

  • I Would Not Pierced A Dog Ears At All

  • This would be a bad idea. Your dog cannot consent to it, and you would be causing an animal pain for no good reason. Plus the earring can snag on items and rip your dog’s ear. There was recently a news story about a woman who was prosecuted for felony animal cruelty after piercing her cat’s ears, so it would likely be considered illegal in most places in any case.

  • Not a good idea. Dogs have veins running through their ear flaps. Puncturing this could result in a hematoma, which would require surgery to repair.

    Source(s): Vet aide for 18 years.
  • i honestly wouldn’t do it. Dogs ears aren’t meant to be pierced anymore than a baby’s ears are meant to be pierced.

  • My daughter pierced the ears of her dachshund. She did look real cute. However she would paw at them and pull them out. She would be fine with them for a while then they must have itched or it was just the normal everyday putting her paws over her ears. So I would not use expensive ones if you try it and do use some that can come out so the ears don’t get torn.

  • WHY? Dogs are not the ear piercing candidates! Why would you even consider doing something so off-the-wall to your dog.????

    Source(s): Common Sense
  • NO no one should get their dog’s ears pierced. Or ears and tails cut or docked.

  • Please dont you dont really know if they wont feel pain, you can only hope and what if the piercing ever gets caught your dogs ear will tear and require stitches and that will hurt please for the sake of your dogs well being dont do it!

  • Yeah, don’t do that. For humans , it might be a cute thing to do, but not so much for dogs. It’s just painful and irritating for them. Why put your dog through something frustrating just for your own amusᴇмᴇɴt?

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