can i make free and fast paypal money? and how?

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  • i have tried a lot of websites and none of them worked , but this one i am using now is kinda trustworthy.

    you just have to go to the link and sign up for free and fill some surveys and then redeem your money 🙂

    easy 😛

    good luck

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  • Free Paypal Money Fast

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  • There’s no such thing as “free” money. If there were, everyone would be rich and nobody would have to work.

    If you want money, the only ways to get it are sell something, work for it, or have somebody (like your parents) support you for the rest of your life. I suggest #1 or #2.

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  • really easy to get free money! just do simple and free offers! Get some friends to do the same and get your money!

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