can i put my hot tub on grass?

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My family plans on getting a hot tub and we were thinking of places to put it. We have a big concrete spot but I read somewhere the hot tub has to be atleast 10 ft away from your house. If that’s true is it ok to put the hot tub just on grass somewhere? Please help me!!:)

2 Answers

  • Not only will the moisture ruin the hot tub, but the hot tub would sink into the ground. When you put in a hard surface it spreads the weight and slightly hardens the ground. I would also suggest to dig down until the ground is harder. Also if it is not on a platform, one side will sink into the ground further that the other making it unlevel.

  • Not when I put a hot tub in. It had to be on a stone or hard pad, never directly on grass. The moisture from the ground and dew could get into the workings and rust and ruin them. My solution instead of having concrete laid was to get a bunch of those 12×12 square pavers and use that as a base over sand. Then the installation guys had no problems.

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