Can I take a drive from Michigan to Chicago right now?

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Is Chicago borders closed to people from Michigan don’t want to take a drive there and then get turned back.

5 Answers

  • No borders within the US are closed.  Some states have rules about going into personal quarantine depending upon your travels.  Further, some localities have requests that people minimize their non-essential travel to limit the spread of the COVID virus.

  • Why in the hell do you want to go to Chicago? Michigan is bad enough!

  • The Illinois borders where never closed. No US state’s  boarders were ever closed during this pandemic.  Some states required a quarantine.Illinois never did. 

  • Yes, you can right now.

  • Sure, go ahead.  There is no way that Illinois could prevent tens of thousands of border crossings every day from the bordering states of WI, IA, MO, IN, and KY – as well as any other non-bordering state like MI.  And vice-versa.

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