can I take a ovulation test while on depo provera?

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Hi I’m wondering can i take a ovulation test while im on depo provera im done depo on April 12th i haven’t had much experince with ovulation test … since iv been on birth control for 6 years. but id like to start my little family here soon .

or do i need to wait for when my period comes back ?

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  • It would be wasting tests to start testing before the shot “expires”.  The purpose of depo is to stop ovulation.  

    Even after the shot has “expired”, there is no way to know for sure when your body will start ovulating.  You CAN actually get pregnant BEFORE you see your periods return.  Ovulation triggers the period – a period does NOT trigger ovulation.

    So, if you stop birth control – ovulation will happen AND THEN the period will happen – but if you get pregnant on that first ovulation – you won’t get a period.

    It can take several weeks for ovulation to start back again – or it can take just a week – it really depends on how quickly your body’s hormones adjust.

  • While you’re on birth control you’re not ovulating so that would be a waste of time. Wait. 

  • You really should talk to your ob/gyn.  I’m guessing your doctor would suggest that you wait until you’ve had a period before TTC.  The return o normal fertility and cycles is VERY unpredictable.  It can’t take 3-4 months (or longer) to conceive after the depression shot wears off.

    Of course, you can test for ovulation, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll get useful or accurate information.  Women can ovulate BEFORE they return to having regular periods.  They also can have periods without ovulating. 

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