Can I use receipt paper for smoking a joint?

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  • A true pothead can figure out a way to smoke using only his (or hers, whatever) surrounding resources if need be.

    And yes, you can use receipt paper if you want, me and brother tried it before, it works. Make sure you roll it good though.

    I mean I wouldn’t advise this if can access a pack of Zig-Zags… lol

    but hey! if it’s all ya got, go for it, it’ll burn, good enough anyway!!

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    Can I use receipt paper for smoking a joint?

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  • You’d be better off using notebook paper. Receipt paper is nasty and leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

  • it has to be a receipt that has a small amount of ink on that ish. You don’t want to be smoking ink. dude do urself a favor and just by some j paps, its only like a buck and it saves a bit of the hassle.

  • I wouldn’t do that.

    The thermal kind has chemical compounds in it to react to the heat in a thermal printer. You probably ought not inhale it.

    Plain paper may have some chemical compounds left behind in the “bleaching” process. It’s probably safe but I wouldn’t mess with it. Now if it’s been printed on there’s the ink to be concerned with. Many inks are toxic, especially colored ink.

  • If it’s the glossy kind, I wouldn’t because who knows what nasty chemicals are in it. If it’s a normal paper receipt, I’d give it a try.

  • technically yes, but it’s terrible for you. you should only use rolling paper for joints because all other papers have chemicals in them that are incredibly harmful if smoked. i’d reccomend a pipe if all possible

  • It will probably work, but it’s glossy and (I’m assuming) has ink on it. I know that it is pretty bad health-wise to smoke anything with ink/chemicals, so if you do, make sure it’s a one time thing.

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