Can I vote in the Democratic Primary and the Republican primary?

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Just wanted to know if I can vote in Both primaries? Then only one in the Election.


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  • NO !

    On your voter registration form, they ask which party do you affiliate yourself with, that is the only primary in which you can vote.

    If you wrote Republican, then the Republican primary is the only one you can vote in.

    If you wrote Democratic, then the Democratic primary is the only one you can vote in.

    If you wrote Independent, same thing….

    If you wrote nothing, then you have to wait until the actual election to vote for anyone.

    I would hope that oykarumba7 is just joking, because if not, they just admitted to casting illegal votes. Which could be used as evidence in a trial

  • Which primary you vote in is determined by the state you live in. If you live in an open primary state, you can choose (Democrat or Republican) which primary you vote in.

    If you are in a closed primary state, you must vote in the primary you are registered for, Democrat or Republican.

    In no case can you vote in both primaries.

  • It depends on what state you’re registered to vote in. Some states have open primaries, which are open to all voters. Other states have primaries in which only registered members of the respective party may vote.

  • Not in my state and I doubt it the primaries are set up for each side to pick their candidate and that means the other side would vote for the least likely to win candidate.

  • No if you are registered independent you can choose which primary to vote in but you have to pick one. You cant pick both.

  • not can u only vote in both but u should vote as often as a republican i voted for bush 3 times in 2004. of course i am from florida and nobody cared

  • Only if you’re a registered independent.

  • Nope most of the people are correct.

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