Can I wear a hat in College classes?

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I go to college now, and wonder if I can wear a hat in classes.. Some students wear a hat, but I am not sure.

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  • Can you? Yes. There is no law against it. No one will stop you.

    Should you? Absolutely not.

    People do not wear hats indoors, unless they want to publicly demonstrate their lack of etiquette, taste, or manners.

  • It depends on the college and the professor. I went to one private college where it was not acceptable for anyone (male or female) to wear a hat inside any building besides the dorms and gym (duing non-classes). Some professors at other colleges, though, have rules about no hats or sunglasses in class.

    Look in your college handbook for campus rules, or your class sylabus for classroom rules. When in doubt, ask your professor!

  • There are no dress codes in the majority of colleges so unless you go to a religious college, you can where what ever you want. Including hats.

  • Yes. You can wear hats in college…. I see it ALL THE TIME.

    But some teachers won’t allow hats during exams.

    They will think you’re cheating.

  • In the U.S. it is considered acceptable for women to wear hats inside of buildings. However, it is not considered good manners for men to wear hats in a building.

  • It depends on the custom of the school, and the professors. Some very traditional professors might not like it, but they’ll let you know. If other students are wearing them, chances are it’s okay for you, too.

  • You will find, now that you are in college that you can go to classes ɴᴀκᴇᴅ. No one is interested in anything other than if you learn what is taught you will be fine. You can dress any way you want as long as you are not disruptive of the class and you learn what you are supposed to learn.

  • college unlike high school is very different. you wear anything you want in college within reason…ie you couldn’t go to class ɴᴀκᴇᴅ and so forth

  • Only one hat per head. So go ahead.

  • depends what country..America colleges don’t care what you wear or hae on your’s YOUR brain thats learning..

    but other countries are don’t see that..they want everyone to be clones..

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