Can I wear a purple shirt with green pants?

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  • only if u want to look like brinjal.

    yes, if they are very light shades they wont look bad.

  • Bright Green Pants

  • It depends on what shades of purple and green you’re talking about. An olive green pair of pants paired with an eggplant purple shirt would looke nice – bright green pants and bright purple shirt wouldn’t really go together.

    In the end though, it’s what YOU like that matters!

  • Sure, the right shades of purple and green can really accent each other. Hey, remember all those purple and green sweaters that we wore in the 80’s? Check out the retro section at a used clothing store for other purple/green combos.

  • I think it depends on the shades…. pants that are army green with a deep purple shirt might look nice.

  • Yes you can and dont let other tell you otherwise. If you pay a little more attention to fashion magazines you will see that matchie matchie clothes are so old fashion. im actually wearing dark purple shoes w/ black pants and green shirt today and I have received so many compliments.

  • DEFINITELY! go for it girl! well…it actually depends on what kind of pants you’re talking about. if you have a nice fitted purple shirt with like cargo green pants if would be ok but if you’re talking about sweat pants or jeans in green….then definitley NOT. but you could definitely pull it off unless you have what i said not to wear.

  • Yeah, but only if they are really bright colors. That way it will look fun and bright. But if you wear a lilac shirt with a hunter green pair of pants, then you’ll look ridiculous.

  • Technically, yes you could. Although it would be difficult to match shading. The darker tones would work better together than lighter one. Top it off with some orange sneakers and you’d have a winning combo.

    If the shading doesn’t match, you would simply look silly.

  • Purple shirt with green print will look awesome.

  • Yes, but make sure the shirt has polka dots and the pants have flowers (hawaiian preferably!)

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