Can I work at Home Depot and Lowe’s?

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I think I already know the answer to this question but can I work at Home Depot and Lowes at the same time? It’s not an office job, one is cashiering and the other is paint so I won’t be knowing any ‘secrets’ I just need jobs, ones seasonal, the other is part time and they both offered me. advice?

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  • It isn’t just about trade secrets. If you are working the cash register and telling people “Don’t buy this here. It’s on sale at …” that’s a conflict, too. Referring people to another retailer because there’s a sale, the competition’s product is better is a conflict of interest. A former colleague of mine was fired in part for telling customers (when management wasn’t within earshot) the staff in her service department that weren’t knowledgeable and they could pay less and get better service at ___ . She was being compensated by the competitor for sending it business, while on the clock for her employer.

    In general I feel “If you want me to work only for you, give me a full time job.” But with two chains selling the same products to the same customers, there may actually be something is the employment agreement that bars you from working in another hardware store. I know at my former employer, that rule was enforced after my co-irker was fired.

  • Stores don’t CARE if you work at a competitor just so long as you come in when they have you scheduled to work.

  • Why not? Obviously not at the same exact time, but in the morning at one and afternoon at the other. Whatever.

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