Can my dog eat cartilage?

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My family cooks a lot and I know we’re not supposed to feed him bones, but can my corgi eat the cooked cartilage from pork and cнιcκen?

2 Answers

  • Yes, eating cartilage is okay for your dog to eat. Eating raw cнιcκen bones is actually not a bad thing, just not cooked ones. My ex-boyfriend who is a K9 cop feeds both his working dog and his husky frozen raw cнιcκen, so feeding cartilage is just fine, whether it is cooked or raw.

  • I don’t see why not? Personally I love to eat cartilage off the ends of cнιcκen bones and pork rib bones myself! Yummy!

    You can thumbs down if you want! I won’t stop eating cartilage ever! yum yum yum! My whole family does it! crunch crunch crunch!

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