Can my parents contact our ISP to view my internet history?

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  • They can contact them, however it is very unlikely that the ISP will release that information without a legal subpena.

    As others have said if your parents are tech savvy there are other ways to reconstruct your Internet history.

    Let me explain how this works:

    When a device connects to the Internet via a router either by WiFi or Ethernet the device’s MAC address is stored by the router.

    Every device that has a network interface has a unique MAC (Media Access Control) address. This is usually expressed in hexadecimal such as 10:25:A4:59:EF:1C

    Now you know the technical aspects of how a specific device is identifiable, I will proceed.

    Every time you try to go to a web page or download a file, your Internet browser requests that content from a remote web server be delivered to your device via HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, etc.

    All of the web content including the source code, formatting (CSS), graphics, flash content, etc. must be requested via the router’s connection to the Internet service provider’s routing equipment.

    The Internet provider is required by law to keep a detailed log of the sites that are visited and files that are downloaded for a period of time that varies by provider and state. This router log file will be released to law enforcement with a proper subpena.

    In addition many wireless routers keep detailed traffic logs, If the owner is tech savvy, they can easily see exactly where you have been and what you downloaded by examining their wireless router log. This is not technically the same as your browser history file, however by examining the URL’s requested by your device the history of sites that you visited can be easily reconstructed.

    The router logs have a specific size limit, and when this limit is reached older data is overwritten. On my router I have it configured to email the logs to a Gmail account when they are full and clear them. This gives me a complete record of of all router activity that I can examine for any specific date.

    Any type of browser security such s Google Incognito mode will keep your local machine from storing your history, however has no effect on remote routers and connections.

    “Browsing in incognito mode only keeps Google Chrome from storing information about the websites you’ve visited. The websites you visit may still have records of your visit. Any files saved to your computer or mobile devices will still remain.”…

    The most common way of hiding a WAN IP address is to use a web based proxy server. Your HTTP requests are sent to the proxy server. The proxy server forwards your request to the destination server, and then fetches the requested content and relays it back to you.

    Proxy servers have risks, especially free ones where you don’t know where your data goes or who has access to it.

    There is no way to really hide your WAN or public IP entirely, otherwise no data could be sent to your computer from the Internet as it would not know the destination address.

    Good Luck..

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    Can my parents contact our ISP to view my internet history?

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  • The answers about not needing to contact the ISP is correct, there are at least 3 pieces of hardware in between You and the online things You do that are capable of full logs dumps, and the Owner of Your internet account has the complete access to those logfiles in each piece of equipment, they can read it, save it, print it, whatever they choose to do … 24/7 …

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  • Well thing is, yes and no. If your scared of isps and trackers, use TOR browser. I am not saying the deep web just use it. ISP cant get into tor. If you want it here it is.

    Also, turn off your scripts if you do decide to use TOR. If you want anonymous currency, use bitcoin. Don’t ask me how to use it google it. And always go incognito or google chrome, privacy mode in IE. Private windows in firefox. Got it?

  • YES, for a fee, they will provide user records to your parents, of whoever pays the bills anyway. But, there will be missing data, your specific IP address that you get from your router in your home, for example. What they will get is whatever went down the line from you to your ISP and back again. The link to your ISP is like a one lane bridge with traffic alternating going both ways.The link to your ISP is what is assigned an IP address by your ISP. Everyone inside your home network appears to be at the same address as far as the outside world is concerned. On your side of the bridge, if you have more than one computer, the traffic has to merge to cross the bridge exactly like two freight trains would merge into single file. On the other side of the bridge, the router at the ISP splits the data back into separate streams. What the ISP logs is everything that crossed the bridge in both directions. So, in THAT sense, YES they can see everything that is being done, but they only see places (IP addresses) that data is going to and coming from, not what you or anyone else DID while AT that place. Your ISP will give you up in a heartbeat if law enforcement gets involved. Parents count when it comes to kids on the internet. There is NO way to be anonymous. You MUST have an IP address that is unique, just like house addresses all must be unique for mail delivery. The IP address is the ONLY thing that gets data from here to there and back again, so you can’t hide it from anyone. Like an envelope the addresses on the outside must be clear, both to and from, but the contents of he envelope can be anything. The log file at your ISP only saves the addresses, not the contents of the envelopes that went back and forth. Law enforcement can get a warrant to “tap” your line and then they WILL get the contents in addition to the addresses. It simply is not practical to record every connection in real time. And on top of that, there isn’t enough disk space. Most servers do not have a very large storage capacity unless designed FOR file storage. Log files get big fast. My ISP only goes back 3 or 4 weeks for a domain that they host depending on how much traffic the site has. Also, history (other than date, time and I P addresses) is kept on your local hard drive through your browser, NOT at your ISP. Your parents are more likely to look at the history stored locally than contact your ISP. They may already have “net nanny” software tracking you without your knowledge, which they CAN do legally! Their house, their rules. You have NO expectation of privacy from anyone in your family that lives under the same roof. It is NOT illegal to “tap” your own phone, only for government to do so without a warrant.

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