Can Quizlet export flashcards into Excel format?

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I’m planning on exporting my Quizlet flashcards into excel format so I can then import them into StudyBlue. Does anyone know if this is possible and, if so, how I would go about doing this? There’s almost no information on Quizlet exporting on the internet, so I gave up finding the answer on my own. Please help.

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  • Yep – you can copy/paste from our Export page into Excel:

    I’m work at Quizlet. Can I ask – what is making you want to move over to StudyBlue? We’d love to make Quizlet better for you!

  • Excel Flashcards

  • i think of adjusting it right into a PDF is in all risk the simplist thank you to your pal to view excel speadsheets on condition that he/she does no longer have the Excel software. on the third row of the excel toolbar, the 1st actual option function on the left hand edge is the button that converts the spreadsheet right into a pdf document. seem for a button that has the Adobe Reader logo stamped in center of a clean piece of paper.

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