Can Restaurants chose to open for dining?

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Most restaurants like fast food can reopen for dining but some are just choosing not to and using covid as an excuse can they legally do that? 

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  • obviously. Technically even i the future they may make it a take-out-only place and eliminate dine-in entirely. 

  • Not sure why they would not, unless to file bankruptcy.

  • Yesl thats owners decision 

  • Certainly they can choose that

  • It depends where at

  • Of course they can. It’s interesting that conservatives think private businesses should be free to refuse to service whoever they want, but then complain that they, themselves aren’t being served!

  • Why yes, a privately run restaurant can in fact choose to not reopen their dining rooms.

    The only zoning or health regulations I know of which require a dining room to operate are on new construction and even then the restaurant could refuse to open the dining room and just take the space as an outright loss.

    Which is why so many fast food restaurants which do nearly all their business at the drive through bother having dining rooms and why you only find Rally’s in certain neighborhoods.

  • Of course they can……………………..they can choose to close there doors completely if they wish. They are not discriminating, so nothing illegal is being done.

  • Yes, they can legally choose to not open for indoor dining.

  • Of course they can legally chose to remain closed.  The owners choose the hours for opening and closing, nobody else.  However, if the state has closed them, then they remain closed, until the state opens them.

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