Can someone explain why log(500) = 3 – log(2)?

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with base 10, what i’m asking is there a property or something that explains this?

5 Answers

  • 500 = 1000 / 2

  • log(500)

    =log(1000/2) replace 500 with 1000/2

    =log1000-log2 use the log property to change the fraction to a difference

    =3-log2 replace log1000 with 3

  • The answer is already been posted.

    It is because log(1000/2) is the same as log(1000)-log(2) [if you remember your properties)

    Then log(1000) is 3

    so it ends up

    3 – log (2)

  • 3- log2 = 3*log10 – log2

    = log10^3-log2

    = log1000-log2



    because logm -logn= logm/n dats a basic rule

  • There’s no property to explain this. Probably just a coincedence.

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