Can someone please help me with this Spanish story?

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I am reading “El Nieto” by Antonio Benitez Rojo.

I have read it, and have went through and made notes to help me understand it, but I am still confused! I am beginning to get frustrated.

This is my summary… but I am not sure I have the story completely straight, so if youa re willing to read it and help me I would be very grateful!!!

There is a worker guy and he approaches a woman who is on her porch and she offers him lemonade. He drinks some inside her home and sees a picture of this guy. He asks who it is, and the old woman says it is her grandson. Then she snatches up the picture. The guy leaves.

The guy runs into an old guy and starts talking to him. He realizes that he looks like the guy in the picture, and they old guy says that yeah that was him and then he tells the guy that he is actually the old womans husband, not her grandson and then tells the story of how they lived in Havana and he had a girlfriend (this part of where I got confused) and that his wife and him could not have a family.

Also Check This  there is a country song…some of the lyrics are “I like blue eyes, hers are green”?

Okay… so can someone clear it up for me? Thanks!!

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  • You have misunderstanding the ending a little. The guy runs into the old guy. This old man is the old woman´s husband. After noticing the man looks like the photo, he asks him if he is the guy of the photo. He says yes. An also if the old woman has recognized him. He says he think she has not because of the dim light of the house, that he is older and now he has a beard.

    Then the old guy says the lived in La Havana, and wanted to retire there. The woman found the photo in the street, and begun to tell everyone it was his grandson. They were old and had no family, so it was a way to “pretend” they have a family. He then ask the guy about his life. He tolds him a bit of his life (that he live in the lomas, that he had a girfriend in that town..). The old man tells him that everyone will think he is the grandson of the old guys. Even the old woman will think that.

    He tells the old guy to tell everybody that the gradson has returned to work there for a while, and they plan to meet again at night with the “grandma” (like a grandson will do..) and he says “That will be the normal way, won´t it?..”

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