can Virtual Clone Drive mount .mdf files?

NetherCraft 0

I think .mdf files are created by Alcohol 120%, but i was wondering if they can be mounted even on virtual drives created with Virtual Clone Drive

3 Answers

  • MDF-MDS files

    … use Virtual Clone Drive (free program) to create a “virtual” CD drive that … why these games are appearing as mdf…

    Cant burn .mdf files with Alcohol

    … then ask it to extract from my virtual drive and make it an iso (i use recordnow) … effect after burning with both……

    MDF and MDS files – Alcohol – Club CD…

    … 120% installed with at least 1 virtual drive enabled, and you can mount CD1 and … Their MDF files! Dameon tools……

  • For the best answers, search on this site

    get euro truck simulator from the offical website then get the demo. put in a friends serial and there you go. but please buy your games next time

  • Use Demon tools.

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