can you burn a Luigi board?

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my best friend found one in her house and she wants to burn it but friends tell her it relises spirits when u do and she doesn’t wanna give it away and have someone els mess with it. what should she do?

i meant wigi board, my phone auto corrected it.

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  • Leave it at someone’s door step.

  • It’s a Ouija board, and even if I was religious I would still laugh at anyone who thinks they can channel spirits with a magic piece of cardboard made by Hasbro. So I don’t see any reason why dead people/demons will care if you burn it, and apparently some of those freaks that were burning Harry Potter books were burning Ouija boards at the same time, so you should be safe >.>

  • Do you mean a Ouija board?

    Its a bit of wood. Its like burning a Mousetrap board.

  • No way! That would make the good folks at Hasbro (the makers of the Ouija board) cry.

  • Tell her to throw it away, If she burns it Mario and the flying turtles will come out and tear up her house.

  • Into the recycle bin.

  • Du du dudadu du du du

  • No, if you burn it you will release Jumanji.

  • It’s me Mario!

    “Ouija” is how your phone should auto correct you.

    but thanks for the laugh ((Luigi board)))



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