Can you choke on an ice cube?

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Or would it just melt?

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32 Answers

  • Absolutely. You could easily suffocate before the ice cube melted if it were large enough and it were not dislodged by yourself or someone else.

    Source(s): Certified CPR, First Aid, AED Instructor.
  • I do not believe that the ice cube would have enough time to melt in the time that it takes you to choke to death. However, being that icecubes are very slippery, I think it would be hard to actually choke on one. I don’t remember ever having heard of someone choking to death on an icecube.

  • My Fiance’ once choked on an ice cube!

    But he said after a while it melted so he wasn’t choking anymore.

  • Yes, you can choke on an ice cube. It takes a while to melt. Don’t try this at home, kids.

    Why did you post this under video games?

  • It would melt but it would take a while and by the time it was done melting you would have choked.

  • Yes and No if you swallowed the ice cube and it was half melted then you might be safe but if its whole your pretty much screwed. Just don’t swallow any ice cubes and you will be good .

  • Yes you can if the ice cube is large enough and cold enough preferably below 20 degrees Farenheit yes it would get lodged in the trachea and would cause you to choke.

    Source(s): Seen it happen
  • no you can choke on a ice cube it would not melt fast enough

  • Umm u can chocke on anything.its just on ice as long as its really hot it may melt and u may live as long as a person can get the water out of u or u can.won;t be a fun experince i’ll tell u that.but yea u cna die from it. 😮 don’t try it. And ur boby was made for eating so ur not going to choke that eazly 😀 so yea.

    hoepe this helps

  • Yeah ya would choke on it but it wuld eventually melt once it warms up in u throat.

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