Can you feel your hair growing?

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15 Answers

  • no

  • Yeh flawlessly common however nothing to worry about are trying waxing in case you like read this Waxing Waxing is an awfully greatly used approach of hair elimination . It is extremely convenient as one wishes just do it once a month or so. Furthermore, there are a number of females who without problems come to your house, cost very nominally, and wax your physique quickly and efficaciously. The benefits of waxing are that as opposed to shaving or utilizing a cream, hair grows back so much slower. This is for the reason that the hair is removed from the roots. Nonetheless, if your skin is sensitive you might not be capable to wax, as you can also develop boils on distinctive areas of your dermis. You can too enhance in-growths when the hair grows out, main to rough epidermis. However no longer everybody has these disorders. If waxing works in your dermis, it is an efficient, hassle-free system of hair removing.

  • I heard that you know when your hairs growing when you scratch your head because the roots are pushing through the scalp

  • I don`t think so lol my hair is 3/4 way down my back and i have never felt anything .

  • I’ve never felt it growing, so I guess no.

  • Yes. It gets annyoing.

    Note: I am part sasquatch

  • yes

  • Not that I know of.

  • not lately

  • No, it’s too slow for that.

  • No

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