Can you get an eye prescription windshield?

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So I know the window has to be flat, no large curve…so lets say I have a windshield frame that is a perfect rectangle with no curve or slant.

Is it possible to get an eye prescription for a windshield? I have heard that you may need to have thin glass to get prescriptions to work. But I have seen thick glasses and thin glasses…just like magnifying glasses. So if your an optometrist, please weigh in on this. Thanks!

Also, if it couldn’t expand the whole windshield, how big could it get before focal positioning would get compromised? half the windshield? a third? a square foot?

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  • Theoretically, it would be possible to put a prescription into an auto windshield. Practically, though, it would not work. Why? 1) Every person in the vehicle would have to look through your prescription. That would be like making a pair of glasses just like yours for every person in the car and demanding that they wear your eyeglasses. 2) Every prescription is made for a specific vertex distance (the distance between the lens and the front of the eye). This would require that you hold your head stable at a specific distance from the windshield. Moving your body forward or backward would change the prescription. 3) Should your prescription change it would require changing out the entire windshield. OUCH!!! So don’t hold your breathe. I don’t expect this option to be available any time in the next century or so.

    Source(s): Me. I am an optometric physician.
  • I am not an optometrist, however I have very thick lens glasses because my prescription is like -9.5, and the thicker they get, the more precise the point you need to look through to see clearly is. If you are off even a teeny bit when wearing a thick lens, you get a fishbowl effect. I don’t know how you could look through a glass that size with thick glass and not have that problem. You wouldn’t have full range of visibility.

  • I have obstacle seeing out my windshield at the moment of the day while the solar is evident down at that one dangerous perspective. Check out this invisible glass cleansing instrument, perhaps it may possibly support you.

  • It worked on the cartoon Mr Magoo but I think when the sun would hit it it would fry your brain

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