Can you give a hickey with braces?

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I was just wondering like wouldnt it hurt if you gave him a hickey when you have braces..does it affect giving someone a hickey?I dont know because Ive had braces for a while and have never tried it?Help me out.

Im 16,braces ever since I had my first kiss which was like 14 and I never gave my bf one cuz I was scared it might hurt him.

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  • Where i come from they dont call them hickeys they call them slag tags so probably not a good idea to be giving someone one anyway

  • it would desire to be the two. if it is the braces it relies upon on the kind, length of them and the size of her mouth. some human beings have small mouths that makes it extra sturdy for them to have braces and get on with existence frequently. She might desire to have issues. you may desire to constantly ask.

  • Dont try it, hickies are gross anyway you look at it.

    My bf leaves them on my shoulders because he knows i hate them. urgh lol.

    Your ꜱᴜcκing the blood to the surface of your skin… yeah you can do it with braces its not like your bitng down or anything.

  • Anyone with braces is probably too young to be doing it, anyway.

    EDIT: “someone has my heart” I know someone who is +40 and has braces, too. I know not all people with braces are kids, that’s why I said “is probably too young . . . “

  • Y’all it doesn’t hurt lmao. You’re not using the surface of your teeth when you give hickies

  • I believe its called a scar.

  • “you had me at hell no”- My uncle is like 45 and he has braces

    Anyway. In answer to your ?. THAT WOULD HURT SOOO BAD

  • practice

    on your arm

    and see if the braces

    make a mark on your arm.

  • ouuuuuuuuch! i think that would hurt but if you know what ur doing it might not…

  • It’s not exactly a friendly thing to do lol

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