Can you go swimming before your about to dye your hair?

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My friend and I are dying our hair tonight but we want to go swimming at the pool now. Will it affect results?

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  • No, the chlorine messes with the dye.

  • I don’t think it would. Depending on the type of dye your using, whether it’s permanent or washes out in about a month, you should probably take a shower or bath to get all the chlorine out of your hair once you’re done swimming. It might affect the results. If you went swimming immediately after dying your hair, that might be bad. Good luck! 🙂

  • do not touch your hair go swimming first all day and then at nite dye it do not dye it and then go in the pool that will make you hair green or to grey and its not going to look cute.

  • As long as you shampoo and condition your hair really well after you swim, then you’re fine. You just need to get all the chlorine out first.

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