Can you identify the independent, dependent, control variables & two constants?

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Since Peter learned that Venus Flytraps typically grow best in warmer/milder climates, he wondered if cooler temperatures would impact how quickly they closed. Therefore, he designed and conducted an experiment. For his experiment, he purchased sixteen Venus Flytraps from a local florist that sold exotic plants. He then placed eight Venus Flytraps outside during the early part of winter (Temperature = 6.9 oC) and eight Venus Flytraps inside his house (Temperature = 22.2 oC). After allowing the Venus Flytraps to adjust to their environment for a day, Peter began his experiment. Peter used a small dowel (wooden stick) to activate the Venus Flytraps by touching their “trigger hairs.” Once he did this he used a stopwatch to determine how many seconds it would take to completely close. He repeated this process for all Venus Flytraps (both inside and outside) and the data he recorded are in tables below.

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4 Answers

  • Independent variable is temperature.

    Dependent variable is time to close flytrap.

    Two constants, 1/ Sample size for experiment and control (8). 2/ Place where Flytraps were purchased.

  • Independent: temperature

    Dependent: how quickly they closed

    Control: indoors/mild temperature

    Constants: same type of Venus flytrap and same dowel rod (might affect it by how deep Peter pokes)

    Oh, and this is science, not math.

  • Venus Fly Trap Experiments

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