Can you laminate your birth certificate?

I know you can’t laminate your SS card. But I didn’t think it’d be the same for birth certificates. So yeah, I already laminated it, hopefully it’s ok.

Umm I going to Canada.. Do they care enough to stop me at the border?

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  • You’ll need to get another copy now, because most places will not accept it for verification purposes when laminated.

    Source(s): I used to work at the welfare office
  • I don’t see why not, I know it says not to laminate your SS card right on it but I have never seen it say it on your birth certificate. If you’ve read everything on it and didn’t see it I’m sure your fine.

  • One one hand, it’s an official government document, so I’d say no.

    On the other hand, it’s issued by the state, and not the federal government, so you might be able to.

    I wouldn’t of. It may void it as official identification. If you ever need one as proof of ID, you can always get another one. Keep the original as a keepsake (for all anyone knows, you lost it) and use the new one for intl. passports, etc.

  • There is no law probihiting you to laminate your birth certificate.

  • If you do, you will probably need another copy to use whenever you need it as a form of ID. har mentioned a raised seal. Must places no longer use a raised seal.

  • My answer is this … almost all government agencies and almost all politicians are just down right stupid. I would say laminating your Social Security Card and Birth Certificate is a good way to keep them from getting damaged and is probably a smart thing to do. However, see my first comment and it explains why the answer is NO you can not laminate either documents.

    “Politician … one that would circumvent God” – William Shakespeare

  • no don’t do it the raised seal must be raised

  • I don’t see why u shouldn’t be able to.

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