Can you make yourself bleed without pain?

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A friend and I want to become what they call “Blood brothers” but like anyone we would like minimal pain.

So what’s the best way to draw blood without being hurt?

How do the doctors do it if they want to get blood out of someone?


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  • It hurts. It always hurts.

    If you want to know, put your hand/wrist in water, and cut it underwater (use ionized pure water). It doesn’t sting as much since theres no air, and no chlorine in tap water.

    Don’t ask how I know.

  • The old blood brother thing i thought that went out with the dark ages make sure you use something sterile and no you don’t cut deep you just nick the skin on your hands and rub them together it is a silly practice and not healthy because of germs and diseases I am not in favour of it this was made up by school children from books out of Indians who became blood brothers in their culture much differently and it was a serious practice to them & their culture which has now become out of Context with silly childhood practice’s Hope this helps Hugs Granny M x

    Source(s): 1.My Knowledge & the history of Indian culture
  • My best advice would be to get a first aid kit. In that first aid kit they will have a splinter out package… That package contains a scalpel which is the sharpest knife in the world and causes me no pain so it won’t for you hopefully…. And the cuts scab and heal so fast too. So you won’t have people asking what happened or anything because they won’t have anything to ask about

  • Since you want to be blood brothers you guys must be best friends and hang out a lot. Eventually your cycles will sync and you won’t need to use anything sharp.

  • just use a needle or a exact o knife to the side of your thumb it honestly doesn’t hurt that bad

  • if you hand around a lot like besties you don t need to cut yourself

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