Can you please explain what is the difference between GBP and UKL currency?

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in terms of usage and exchange rate.


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  • They are the same thing, Breat Britain Pounds and United Kingdom Pounds. Many countries use UKL as there is no £ sign on their computers. The L stands for Pound as the word has a latin root Libra which was a unit of mass, the pound.

  • Ukl Currency

  • I’ve never heard of UKL, but GBP is very common. I would imagine that UKL means exactly the same.

    The difference between UK and GB is that GB excludes Northern Ireland whereas UK includes it. As NI uses the same currency as the rest of the UK, the symbol GBP is misleading.

  • The official name, pound sterling is used mainly in formal contexts and when it’s necessary to distinguish the United Kingdom currency from other currencies with the same name. Otherwise the term pound is normally used. .

    The currency sign is the pound sign, £ . The pound sign derives from the blackletter “L”, an abbreviation of Librae in Roman £sd units (librae, solidi, denarii) used for pounds, shillings and pence in the British pre-decimal duodecimal currency system.

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