Can you plz help me on this question?!?!?

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Express as a unit rate 19 yards in 2.5 minutes.

can u explain it to me too plz.

thnk u so much

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  • Unit rate means Changingin amount with respect to a changing unit.. in this case.. 19 yards may change to some other higher value if the time is now 3 minutes or more..

    for this question,

    Simply divide 19 yards by 2.5 minutes, u’ll get 7.6 yards in 1 minute.

    so the answer is 7.6 yards / minute (this is rate)

    also, one yard is 3 feet and 1 minute is 60 seconds.. so the the answer can also be

    = (19*3) / (2.5*60)

    = 57 / 150

    = 0.38 feet / second


    = 4.56 inch / second

    I hope this works

    IM or email if u need more help

    best of luck

  • First you need to understand what a unit rate is. A unit rate is when something is expressed “per unit”. For example, if there is a bag of pop corn that weighs 8 oz. and it costs 4 dollars, then the unit price (price per unit) is $.50. In this case the unit is minutes (because rate is time) So you would need to find how many yards in 1 minute. The algebraic equation for this would be 19y = 2.5m. You would want to isolate the m so you’d need to divide both sides by 2.5 and you would get 7.6y = m, so that tells you that there would be 7.6y per minute.

  • So many complicated answers!

    Rate is a distance per unit of time:

    You have: 19 yards per 2.5 min’s.

    19 yards/2.5 minutes = (19/2.5) yards/minute = 7.6 yards per minute.

    It just means that you can travel 7.6 yards each minute.

  • How many yards per minute?

    Unit rate is # of A per 1 unit of B

  • in this case, yd/min, so 19/2.5 = 7.6 yd/min. This means that in each minute 7.6 yards are gained

  • rate = 19 yards / 2.5 sec

    . . . = 7.6 yds / sec

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