Can you really blow an o-ring?

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Several times, people have mentioned that if you force pooping too much, you’ll “blow an o-ring”. I know it’s a funny metaphor, but I’m wondering: can one really damage their body by forcing a bowel movement too hard? And how?

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  • Simple. The mechanism is a strained muscle. After all, it is a muscle a sᴘнι.ɴcтᴇʀ which holds stuff IN and relaxing this muscle and then using the muscles surrounding the lower large intestine to push the contents out is how things work. If you do not relax the sᴘнι.ɴcтᴇʀ OR force the sᴘнι.ɴcтᴇʀ to open, you strain the muscle and it can HURT. At worst, you will rip the bowel and bleed internally and possibly DIE. Let things flow naturally. Straining can be hazardous to your health…

  • Yes, you can.

    I heard of a man who did that, and his stopped working.. so he needs a bag wherever he goes. I forgot the rest.. But there are many bad things that can happen. Look it up or something.

  • ;I don’t know about blowing an o-ring, but there are other things you can blow.

  • Your butthole can get cut, that happened to my friend lol.

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