Can you tell me the meaning of these names?

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1. Asashi Kurogami

  1. Katara

  2. Onihime Takashime

3 Answers

  • Asahi:

    asa – morning – 朝

    hi – sun – 日

    morning light



    kuro – black – 黒

    gami – it may possibly ‘kami’ : kami – hair – 髪

    black hair



    oni – ogre, devil – 鬼

    hime – princess – 姫



    I have no idea.

    Three of them sound very strange as Japanese.

    They must be made by non-Japanese!

    Source(s): I’m a Japanese.
  • Asahi may be asa (morning) and hi (day or sun) if the kanji are like this: 朝日

    My Japanese computer doesn’t pull up a common set of kanji for Kurogami but to throw out some suggestions: Kuro (黒 black) and gami=kami which may be any of the following (紙 paper 髪 hair 神 gods 上 up).

    Hope that helps, but you really need to see the kanji to be able to tell its meaning.

  • In Japanese, those names can mean any number of things. If you provide the kanji we can be much more helpful.

    Onihime most likely means “demon princess”

    Takashime most likely means “tall end”

    Katara isn’t even a Japanese name. Is this from Avatar?

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