Canada’s Potential CPP Increase in 2024: What You Should Know

CAD 1,900/Year CPP Increase for 2024

In 2024, the Canadian government has raised the CPP payment by CAD 1,900. As a result, the maximum pensionable earnings level for 2024 has been increased to CAD 68,500. This means that if an individual’s wages exceed this cap, they will need to pay extra into the CPP.

Canada Pension Plan Benefits Increase 2024

The CPP benefits increase for 2024 is aimed at ensuring that retired individuals receive sufficient pensions. The government offers a certain amount each month to eligible citizens. This amount keeps increasing over time to meet the needs of older individuals who have retired from their jobs.

Understanding the Canada Pension Plan (CPP)


The CPP is a program launched by the Canadian government to provide monthly pensions to qualified pensioners in the country. To be eligible, individuals must meet certain requirements such as being 60 years old and having made at least one minimum contribution to the plan.

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Contributions to the CPP are based on an individual’s income, and the government increases the mandatory contribution amount to fund the increase in monthly retirement benefits.

Possible CPP Boost for Canada

The Enhanced CPP program, which was initiated in 2019, aims to improve the Canada Pension Plan by gradually implementing changes until 2025. The program includes an 8% self-employed contribution rate and a maximum self-employed contribution amount of CAD 376. Contributors will not be required to pay contributions on pensionable earnings beyond CAD 73,200.

The goal of CPP enhancement is to increase benefits from 25% to 33% of work income. This means that retirees can expect higher benefits compared to previous years.

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2024 CPP Changes for the New Year

In 2024, the maximum pensionable earnings for CPP will increase to CAD 68,500. Second extra CPP contributions, known as CPP2, will be applied to earnings between CAD 68,500 and CAD 73,200. The CPP2 rate will be 4% on the difference between the maximum earnings and CPP2 max earnings.

The maximum contribution for each employee in 2024 will be CAD 3,867.50, with employer and employee CPP contribution rates remaining at 5.95%. For self-employed individuals, the CPP contribution rate will stay at 11.90%. The rates of CPP2 contributions for employers and employees will be 4%, with a maximum contribution of CAD 188.00 per person. Self-employed individuals will have a maximum contribution of CAD 376.00 and a CPP2 contribution rate of 8%.

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These changes have been implemented to ensure that the CPP remains sustainable and provides adequate pensions for retired individuals in Canada.

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