cant access putlocker getting Error connecting to mysql?

19 Answers

  • The reason you’re getting a ‘mysql’ error isn’t a fault of your own. Its a server-side error, which means there’s either a problem with the database or a problem with the code used to connect to the database. When you submit a search on putlocker, putlocker uses a specific programming language called ‘PHP’ to communicate with the database. The PHP practically says “yo DB – you got a record in your tables that matches ‘whatever-the-users-searched-for’ (replace with your search term)” and the DB replies either “Yeah dude – got a few records here” then the PHP displays the records that are in the database, OR says “Naa dude” which results in a “Your search returned no results” page. Hope this helps you understand – unfortunately there’s nothing you can do about it APART FROM copying and pasting the error code and sending it in an email (or via the contact form if they have one) to the administrator.

  • Have the same problem too. Was working fine yesterdaty. As of 7:00 pm on 1/18/2015 it is down. Even tried on two other computers to see if they were having the same problem and they are. This sometimes happens when they add new movies and when their online traffic hits a high. Since this website is based out of another country access routes are sometimes delayed. Try again tomorrow and all should be good.

  • Have an equivalent drawback too. Was operating fine yesterdaty. As of 7:00 pm on 1/18/2015 it’s down. Even tried on 2 alternative computers to ascertain if they were having an equivalent drawback and that they square measure. This generally happens once they add new movies and once their on-line traffic hits a high. Since this web site is predicated out of another country access routes square measure generally delayed. attempt once more tomorrow and every one ought to be sensible.

  • They are most likely changing their server. Since the movies aren’t legal they must change their server to keep their website up. Keep checking the website every 20 minutes. If it still isn’t up in a few hours it should be up by morning.

  • Omggggg I have the samee problem! . It was working fine yesterday. I just checked what the problem is on a putlocker website and it seems to be down right now since 3hours ago. We need to check.again tommorow or the day after. Its nothing to do with us or our computer the website is down. we are notthe only ones with the problem its everyone.

  • Mee too was working ok at 2 pm today now error connection

  • Yea me as well, was using it fine last night wak up n its down mysql ****. Hopefully itl b back up

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  • I can t get access either. I tried it on my phone, Google Chrome and Firefox. It says the same thing. I m not sure if it has to do with my computer or not.

  • I’m having the same problem here guys try genvideos on your devices it’s just as good as putlocker😊

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